Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Say "Ahhhhh . . . " by Lori Mortensen

When I think of my favorite picture books, they almost always involve a unique, memorable character. Whether it's a dawdling duck, a snoozing bear, or dancing chickens, I want to know what happens to them. What's their problem? What will they do? Would I do the same things? How will things turn out in the end? Most importantly--after I've clamored through the thirty-two pages--what will I feel in the end? Achieving a goal is not enough. Cleverness is not enough, although it goes a long way. Successful, character-driven picture books nearly always end with a satisfying feeling. 

Ahhhhh! To read the rest of this Blogateer post at the Children's Book Academy follow the link. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have you Ever Thought of Writing a Picture Book?

If you're ever thought of writing a picture book, sign up for my class through Sacramento's Learning Exchange, called, "Writing Children's Picture Books." It's a one-time, two-hour class on Wednesday night, October 8, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. where I'll discuss my writing journey, how I wrote several of my latest titles, and the components of successful picture books. Visit The Learning Exchange for more information and to sign up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Please Release Me!

The writing world moves slowly. Most books take about two years to from sale to shelf. In the case of my latest release, Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg, it took four years, although it seemed like forever. After it sold, the economy fell into a slump. Publishing companies closed and shifted. Editors were let go. The manuscript sat in limbo for two years. Then, to my dance-on-the-ceiling delight, it was brought back to life. I was especially thrilled when my editor selected Michael Allen Austin to illustrate it. He did a fantastic job.

After Cowpoke Clyde’s initial four-year journey--a sequel is on its way--Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range. Yee-haw!! No date has been set, but it will be awesome to see Michael Allen Austin’s illustrations once again.

Because literary world moves so slowly, it’s always a thrill when a book finally lands on the bookshelf. To celebrate, I’m plum tickled to share the recent releases of some of my writing friends who have shared this crazy, side-winding, writing roller coaster journey with me:

Balloon Trees by Danna Smith
Published by Sylvan Dell

If you've ever wondered how balloons are made, this fun-to-read story is bursting with information that will lift readers to new heights.

Visit Danna's website at to find out more about Danna and her upcoming titles.

Snow Dog, Sand Dog
Albert Whitman & Co.

What pet can you get when you can't have a pet?
Linda's fun story will have readers howling with delight.  

To find out more about Linda's excellent YA titles and her upcoming books, visit her webpage at:  

A Gift for Mama
Gullane Children's Books

Oskar has a problem. He doesn't know what to give to his mother. He just may find out that the perfect gift was right under his nose.

To learn more about Linda and her upcoming books, visit her website at: